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Hemorrhoid Relief Treatment Options

I want to start off by saying that with Hemorrhoid Relief, results vary from product to product but the fact is, most simply only relieve symptoms and fail to do more than that. They only temporarily deal with the problem.

Many hemorrhoids treatments that I tried use creams, leave itching, bleeding and swelling. To get rid of Hemorrhoids, you have to deal with the “Cause”. I found Venapro very effective and brings relief fast.

Today there are a few very good organic, all natural Hemorrhoid Remedies that are very effective. While you may need a Doctor to diagnose, in particular when it comes to internal Hemorrhoids, their treatments are very hit and miss and mostly do not work.

They normally start you off with Hemorrhoid Cream. These too are not always that effective, if at all. More often than not, they cause irritation and swelling, then bleeding…

But don’t let them put you off because there are effective all natural Hemorrhoid Treatments available like Venapro Hemorrhoid Relief

So now a bit about what Hemorrhoids really are and the best and most effective ways of dealing with the problem…

What Are Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, sometimes called Piles are basically swollen sacs of tissues and varicose veins that are located in the anus and the rectum. We all have sacs of tissue in the anus and rectum that help to move fecal matter out of our bodies. Hemorrhoids are sacs that have become inflamed and swollen, usually cause of pressure or straining on this area of the body. Hemorrhoids are very treatable, and in most cases can be treated in the comfort of your own home.

Hemorrhoids are often caused by straining during defecation. When you strain you can inflame the veins and hemorrhoids are the result. Another common cause of hemorrhoids is prolonged periods of sitting, constipation, and a poor diet. Hemorrhoids are common during pregnancy.

Doctor’s are not sure why some otherwise healthy people develop hemorrhoids and others do not. In most cases hemorrhoids do not pose a serious problem for the patient, but in some more severe cases they will require surgical removal.

Although most people think hemorrhoids are abnormal, they are present in everyone. It is only when the hemorrhoidal cushions enlarge that hemorrhoids can cause problems and be considered abnormal or a disease.

Prevalence of hemorrhoids

Although hemorrhoids occur in everyone, they become large and cause problems in only 4% of the general population. Hemorrhoids that cause problems are found equally in men and women, and their prevalence peaks between 45 and 65 years of age.

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What Causes Hemorrhoids

prolapsed hemorrhoid is one that is internal and gets so big that it is pushed outside of the anusNot defecating in the right position is on the top list of what causes hemorrhoids. While this may seem odd, it’s not as odd as you may think when you take your anatomy into consideration. To avoid getting hemorrhoids you need to place a six inch stool in front of the toilet and place your feet on it. This keeps you from straining during the process of defecating, which will reduce the chance of developing hemorrhoids. But we all know that most people are not going to do this…

Constipation is another very common cause of hemorrhoids in people of all ages. When you are constipated you have to strain and you can cause damage to the rectum by placing too much pressure on the vessels inside. Avoid becoming dehydrated and be sure to get plenty of fiber as these are two things that can help you avoid constipation and hemorrhoids that often come along with it. Using a stool when you are severely constipated is a must!

Avoid lifting heavy objects whenever possible. Any time you strain you are putting pressure on the delicate vessels in the anal region. When you do lift, be sure that you are not straining and that you know proper lifting techniques so you can avoid getting hemorrhoids. If your job requires heavy lifting be sure that you wear a back brace and have help.

Many people wipe too hard or too much after they have had a bowel movement and this is a common cause of hemorrhoids. If you eat properly and drink well you will find that you can defecate without having to wipe much at all. If you find that you do need to wipe more than usual, use a damp cloth that will absorb more than the toilet paper and also be easier on the sensitive tissues.

Hemorrhoids during and after pregnancy are very common. The reason for this is that the weight of the baby puts strain on the veins in the anal and even vaginal region. The result can be not only hemorrhoids but even varicose veins in the legs and even on the vulva. Hemorrhoids are very common in pregnancy, but most women are able to treat them in their own home.

Many women never have any problems with hemorrhoids until they become pregnant. As if all of the other bodily changes are not enough for a woman to contend with, she may also develop hemorrhoids, which can be uncomfortable and even painful. As many as 50% of women will develop hemorrhoids while pregnant! If you were thinking you were alone in having hemorrhoids during pregnancy you can think again!

Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids

When you have hemorrhoids or piles and you are aware of what the symptoms of hemorrhoids are, you don’t have to waste any time trying to figure out what the problem is. Instead, you can recognize them sooner rather than later, hopefully keeping them to a minimum. The sooner they are treated the better. Some of the more common symptoms of hemorrhoids include but are not limited to:

  • Bleeding during bowel movements
  • Itching in and around the anal area
  • Rectal pain
  • Skin irritation
  • Secretions from the anus
  • Discomfort during a bowel movement

These are just some of the hemorrhoids symptoms. Of course, if you treat yourself for hemorrhoids and you don’t find any hemorrhoid relief, you will want to visit your doctor. It’s important to visit your doctor as these same symptoms can be connected to other conditions as well. Many times hemorrhoids can actually develop a blood clot in them and this may need to be treated by a doctor.

In some patients when they leave them too long without treatment, the hemorrhoids become so large that they actually make defecating very difficult or impossible. In these cases the hemorrhoids usually will not be able to be resolved on their own.

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What Do Hemorrhoids Look Like

Here are some photos of what hemorrhoids look like.  The first hemorrhoid is an internal one. The next is a Thrombosed hemorrhoid and the third is an external hemorrhoid.

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids Treatment Show effective cure and healing from itching, bleeding and swelling.

Here are some medical diagrams…

Easy Hemorrhoid Relief For Thrombosed hemorrhoids that are painful

Types Of Hemorrhoids

If the hemorrhoid originates at the top (rectal side) of the anal canal, it is referred to as an internal hemorrhoid. If it originates at the lower end of the anal canal near the anus, it is referred to as an external hemorrhoid.

Technically, the differentiation between internal and external hemorrhoids is made on the basis of whether the hemorrhoid originates above or below the dentate line (internal and external, respectively).

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids

prolapsed hemorrhoid is treated by a doctor and requires medical attention right awayIf you have recently been diagnosed with prolapsed hemorrhoids you may not even know what this is or why it is of significance. A lot of people get hemorrhoids, but most people do not get this type of hemorrhoid. This being said, a prolapsed hemorrhoid is one that is internal and gets so big that it is pushed outside of the anus.

The problem with this is that if the sphincter goes into spasm it’ll trap the hemorrhoid outside of the anal opening, the blood supply will be cut off, and it will become what is known as a Strangulated Hemorrhoid.

There is a grading system by which prolapsed hemorrhoids are diagnosed to help with treatments and diagnosis.

The grading system for prolapsed hemorrhoids is:

Grade I:The hemorrhoids are not prolapsed.
Grade II:The hemorrhoids prolapse during defecation but suddenly reduce.
Grade III:The hemorrhoids prolapse during defecation but must be manually reduced.
Grade IV:The hemorrhoids are prolapsed and cannot be manually reduced.

Prolapsed Hemorrhoids usually have to be treated surgically if they do not respond to treatment within seven to ten days. The only benefit of having a prolapse is that you have more remedies that you can try because you have direct access to the hemorrhoid. The prolapse itself is not painful, but it can be painful for the hemorrhoid to be exposed to direct pressure that comes from sitting.

Thrombosed External Hemorrhoids

thromboded external hemorrhoid diagram waiting for removalThrombosed external hemorrhoids are usually very tender and it can make living with hemorrhoids very difficult. Most people don’t know that their hemorrhoids have become thrombosed and there is no clear reason why some people’s hemorrhoids become thrombosed and why other’s do not. Healthy people often develop thrombosed hemorrhoids, so this is not something that just affects those that are in poor health or even those of a certain age range.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids have different treatment options than those that are internal. Some doctors will give their patients the ability to wait it out for a few weeks. Many times, if you give the body a change, it will reabsorb the blood in the hemorrhoids and the problem will take care of itself. If you have internal thrombosed hemorrhoids this will not be an option as surgery is required.

Thrombosed hemorrhoids are treated by the doctor making an incision over the clot and squeezing the clot out. Unfortunately, many people have to have this done several times and the pain associated with the process can be excruciating.

Internal Hemorrhoids

As soon as you know that you have hemorrhoids you need to set up an internal hemorrhoids treatment plan. You can immediately start your hemorrhoid relief with creams, gels, and suppositories. You can buy theseproducts over the counter at most drug stores and they are very easy to use, safe for most people, and can sometimes be effective. These creams sometimes help to reduce the inflammation as well as the itching that comes along with hemorrhoids. Also be aware that many of these products do not work at all…

Your internal hemorrhoids treatment also needs to include a better diet. You need to do away with your intake of foods such as nuts, alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods. These foods can serve as irritants to the intestines as well as the anus and the rectum. When you have hemorrhoids you need to do all that you can to avoid inflammation and limiting or doing away with these foods should be considered as part of your internal hemorrhoids treatment.

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Hemorrhoid Treatments

Hemorrhoid Banding:

Hemorrhoid banding is a treatment that is used on enlarged and bulging hemorrhoids or blood vessels in the rectum as well as the anus. The object of the banding is to cut off the blood circulation to the hemorrhoids, causing them to first shrink, and then fall off. Hemorrhoid banding is done on both the rectum and the anus in most patients.

Doctors choose to do hemorrhoid banding in some patients, but not all of them. Some of the more common reasons that hemorrhoid banding is done is when the hemorrhoids are severely painful or are bleeding excessively.
Also used for thrombosed, which means it has a blood clot within it and prolapsed hemorrhoids.

The instrument is known as an anoscope and it will be inserted through the anus. The doctor will then use another tool that will place a small rubber band around the hemorrhoid. The purpose of the rubber band is for it to cut off blood flow, causing the hemorrhoid to die and fall off. The band will fall off with the hemorrhoid in about 10 to 14 days.

Hemorrhoids Laser Surgery: 

Surgery is always the last resort in the medical world, but in some cases prescription medication and home remedies for hemorrhoids do not work. This can be an uncomfortable, and for a lot of people, embarrassing thing to go to their doctor with, but it is necessary.

There was a study done that involved 750 patients who were treated with
the hemorrhoids laser surgery. In the study 68% of the patients reported successful results and 93% of the patients were satisfied with the process. These are astonishingly great numbers to consider when you are facing surgery and this is the reason why many doctors are opting to use this method of hemorrhoid removal rather than the more invasive options.

Natural Hemorrhoid Remedies:

These type of treatments are quite effective. While some don’t work at all, many are by far the safest and easiest way to Rid Hemorrhoids. These range from Homeopathic treatments to Natural Hemorrhoids Creams and Gels. Nautural Hemorrhoid Treatments don’t carry the high degree of risk that surgery does. This option should always be tried before opting to have surgery as once you have had surgery it is too late to change your mind if anything goes wrong. I recommend Venapro Hemorrhoid Relief

Easy Hemorrhoid Relief For Thrombosed hemorrhoids that are painful

Hemorrhoids Cure – All 100% Natural Way

If you have hemorrhoids you are probably desperate to learn how to cure hemorrhoids! You’ll be amazed to find that most hemorrhoids respond to treatment quite well and that you can be feeling better in a matter of minutes and totally back to normal within just a few days.

To start, you should sit in warm water for 15 minutes three times a day. While doing this you should gently cleanse the anorectal area with a mild soap. To cure hemorrhoids you need to encourage shrinkage of the anorectal area and the hemorrhoids. You can do this by:

  • Avoiding constipation
  • Do not postpone the urge to defecate
  • Eat a high fiber diet
  • Exercise
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do not strain when defecating
  • Apply cold compresses to external hemorrhoids
  • Do not sit for long periods of time
  • Refrain from heavy lifting
  • Avoid spicy foods, nuts, coffee, and alcohol

Conventional methods are expensive because they are usually done by specialists.  What’s worse about these methods of removing hemorrhoids is that none of them can assure that it will be successful. In fact in most cases more hemorrhoids appear again within a year.

A lot more affordable, less painful and far more effective alternative to these conventional methods of removing hemorrhoid is the use of natural hemorrhoid remedy like Venapro. Homeopathic medications have shown great promise when it comes to treating the nasty and somewhat embarrassing problem.

Venapro Hemorrhoid Treatment

My Preferred Hemorrhoid Treatment  “Venapro Hemorrhoid Relief”

I have tried many remedies for hemorrhoids treatment in the last several years, some that waork and some, not so reliable. I want to tell you about a Hemorrhoids Remedy that I have tried and it actually worked for me

Probably one of the most affective remedies for hemorrhoids for me was having them removed by my doctor using surgery. Using this method the doctor got rid of them. It takes a few weeks to heal and you may be left with some small scaring, however I found this is by far the last resort and doesn’t always work and can cause more problems than it is worth. They appear back again…

To Avoid More Surgery I kept looking for other remedies for Hemorrhoids to try and find some all natural cream that was supposed to remove Hemorrhoids, so I gave them a try to no avail…nothing gained-nothing lost other than a sore butt…I’m sure you know what I mean.

I applied the cream as directed for a couple of months and I must say this was probably the least effective remedy for Hemorrhoids that I have tried. It did not do anything other than to aggravate them and cause them to swell and bleed. I do not recommend using Hemorrhoids Creams as they didn’t work for me. You can try them, as they may work for you, but be warned from my painful experience…

So here’s what I do recommend, As it has worked great for me…

Besides going to the doctor to have them surgically removed which is a bit hit and miss, I would have to say that this new spray I have been using for a while, works the best and is the most reliable remedy for Hemorrhoids. It is called Venapro Hemorrhoid Relief. All you need to do is spray it into your mouth several times a day. This is the best Hemorrhoid Treatment I have tried so far that works…

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment take away the itch, bleeding and bring relief without being embarrassed

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