Hemorrhoids Laser Surgery

Surgery is always the last resort in the medical world, but in some cases home remedies and prescription medication does not work with hemorrhoids. This can be an uncomfortable, and for a lot of people, embarrassing thing to go to their doctor with, but it is necessary. Many hemorrhoids can cause obstructions that make defecating difficult or impossible, which can cause other health complications. While surgery is not something that most of us want to consider, hemorrhoids laser surgery is a very appealing option when you are put in this position.

More on Hemorrhoids Laser Surgery

There was a study done that involved 750 patients who were treated with the hemorrhoids laser surgery. In the study 98% of the patients reported successful results and 99% of the patients were satisfied with the process. These are astonishingly great numbers to consider when you are facing surgery and this is the reason why many doctors are opting to use this method of hemorrhoid removal rather than the more invasive options.

When you have hemorrhoids laser surgery it will likely be an out-patient procedure, meaning you will not have to be admitted to the hospital. A trained surgeon will use a laser light that is very accurate. The laser light will come into contact with the hemorrhoid and literally vaporize it, removing it with ease. The process is very accurate and does not have the risks associated with other methods.

The benefits of hemorrhoids laser treatment is that there is a lot less discomfort for the patient, less medication is needed, and the healing is much more rapid. The great thing about this procedure for both the doctor and the patient is that there is no blood involved in the hemorrhoids laser surgery. The laser seals off all of the nerves and blood vessels, so there is very little discomfort and little to no aftercare to consider.

Hemorrhoids laser surgery is not for every patient. Each patient will need to talk to his or her doctor and discuss the benefits and the risks of this surgery and choose the option that makes the most sense in their situation. Laser surgery is often used in conjunction with other surgeries. Work with your doctor to come up with a treatment plan that will be effective and that you will be comfortable with. While surgery is never fun, treating your hemorrhoids will allow you to get back to living your life without constant pain!

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