Hemorrhoid Suppositories

Hemorrhoids are not a condition that any of us wants to develop. In fact, this is a condition that most people are so hesitant about that no one even talks about it. Yet, 89% of the population will develop hemorrhoids at some time during their life. As you get older your chances of developing hemorrhoids will become greater, but you can develop them at any time in your life. Luckily, there are treatments that you can use at home that will allow you to deal with your hemorrhoids discreetly. One of the more popular treatments today is hemorrhoid suppositories because they are safe and easy to use.

More about Hemorrhoid Suppositories

Hemorrhoid suppositories are meant to use when you have hemorrhoids. The medication in the suppository is meant to relief the pain, itching, and swelling that come together to cause an intense discomfort for the hemorrhoid sufferer. The suppositories allow for people to treat their internal as well as external hemorrhoids at home.

You use hemorrhoid suppositories by gently inserting the suppository into the rectum, usually after each bowel movement. It is gently easier to insert the suppository when you are lying on your side with your knees bent. You’ll want to carefully push the suppository into the rectum, with the pointed side going in first. You may not want to use the suppositories if your hemorrhoids are bleeding or if the rectal area is irritated.

Hemorrhoid suppositories are usually very effective. Most people are able to tolerate them very well and they begin to see a reduction in symptoms after just a few days. If the area is bleeding or was irritated before hand the suppositories can aggravate these things and make it worse, which is why it is important not to use the hemorrhoid suppositories if there is irritation or bleeding present.

It’s important to ask your doctor about the hemorrhoid suppositories if you are pregnant, have high blood pressure, or if you have diabetes. Your doctor will help you weigh the risks and the benefits and determine if this is a treatment option for you to consider. You should also discuss any medications that you are currently taking so that you can talk to your doctor about any side effects or drug interactions before taking the suppositories. This medication is a great option for most people and can be used as your first line of defense against hemorrhoids.

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