Hemorrhoids in Children

Hemorrhoids can be a very painful condition that affects a wide range of people. As you get older your chances of getting hemorrhoids increases, but you can also get them as a child. Hemorrhoids can affect any person at any time, so if your child complains of itching or pain in the anus it could be hemorrhoids. Many parents don’t know this and so they dismiss the complaints, but if your child complains it is something to consider. Luckily, most cases of hemorrhoids in children resolve themselves.

More on Hemorrhoids in Children

Hemorrhoids in children present the same way that they do in adults. More male children get them than female children, and this trend continues into adulthood. When children get hemorrhoids they may suffer from bleeding during and after bowel movements, itching in the anal region, as well as pain in the anal region. Parents and children may be able to see the hemorrhoids if they are of the external variety or they may not be able to, so they may be internal.

Children can usually be treated with some simple home care options. First, have your child take several baths a day. Try not to use soap on the anal region, instead just warm water. This will help to keep the area very clean and also help to treat the pain caused by inflammation.

You can also give your children just a bit of apple cider vinegar every day. This is a great option because it will help to relieve inflammation from the inside out. If you can see the hemorrhoids you can actually apple the apple cider vinegar to the hemorrhoids themselves. You will usually be able to see a difference in them over a couple days time and your child will usually stop complaining about the pain and itching within a couple of days.

You will also find that you can help treat hemorrhoids in children by feeding them the right things. You will want to stay away from spicy foods, nuts, and caffeine. These are things that will irritate the bowels and may cause more inflammation of the hemorrhoids as well as the anus and rectum.

If you do all of these things to treat hemorrhoids in children you will usually find that they go away on their own. If your child continues to complain for more than ten to 14 days you might want to get them into the doctor. There are some cases where children need surgery or treatment by a doctor to get over their hemorrhoids.

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