How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last?

Hemorrhoids often come on suddenly and with such force that those that are affected are truly wondering what hit them. When you find out that you have hemorrhoids your next question is how long do hemorrhoids last? Most of us cannot imagine lasting more than a couple days with hemorrhoids, and luckily, in most cases they don’t last long.

How Long Do Hemorrhoids Last: The Answer

How long do hemorrhoids last? The answer is usually up to the person who is suffering from them. What most people don’t realize is that with proper self care, you can treat hemorrhoids easily and safely in your home. When you make treatment a priority, hemorrhoids usually only last seven to ten days. This is not to say that there are not cases that last longer and will need medical treatment, because there are cases that need medical attention and will not heal up as well.

There are several things that you can do to make hemorrhoids last for as short a period of time as possible. Some of these things include:

  1. Take sitz baths every day. You can also choose to sit in your bathtub, if this is more comfortable. The idea is to take two to three warm baths each day and to bathe after each bowel movement. Not only will this help you keep the area clean so that infection doesn’t start, it will help the ease the hemorrhoid pain. Simply bathe in warm water for 15 minutes, washing the affected area with warm water and a very mild soap.
  2. Use a hemorrhoid cushion. This is an inflatable cushion that you can blow up and then sit on. What this will do is relieve the pressure that is created when you have to sit and you have hemorrhoids. Taking the pressure off of the hemorrhoids will help relieve the pain as well as speed the healing process.
  3. Use over the counter creams and gels. Many of these products have numbing and anti-itch properties. Many times it is the pain after a bowel movement and the itching that follows it that makes hemorrhoid pain difficult to deal with. There are a lot of affordable, over the counter hemorrhoid products that will help you relieve the pain and the itching.
  4. Take over the counter pain medication. Sometimes just staying on top of the pain with Advil will help you get things done despite having hemorrhoids. Advil is an anti-inflammatory and this is a great way to help reduce the inflammation in the area at all times so that the hemorrhoids will shrink and go away much more quickly.
  5. Apply cold compresses to the area. Ice is one of the best treatments for hemorrhoid pain. The great thing about this is that it will reduce swelling but may also serve to the numb the area a bit before a bowel movement. Cold compresses can be applied as often as needed.

When you follow these simple self care tips you will find that hemorrhoids don’t have to last long. How long do hemorrhoids last? Usually only as long as you want them to, so start treating them today!

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