Surgery for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can be very painful, and in some instances all of the over the counter, holistic, and even prescription medication is not enough. While most people think of hemorrhoids as a temporary discomfort that can be handled at home, some people have to get surgery for hemorrhoids. The problem is that hemorrhoids can grow so large that they can actually cause obstructions that make defecating difficult, and in some cases impossible.

More about Surgery for Hemorrhoids

There are many different types of surgery for hemorrhoids that patients may be able to choose from or that a doctor may offer. One of these surgeries is known as the Milligan-Morgan Technique. This is the most popular hemorrhoid surgery, though it was developed in the United Kingdom in 1937. In this surgery the three main hemorrhoid vessels are actually removed. Afterward three pear shaped incision are left open, which as separated by skin and mucus, this is done to avoid stenosis.

Another surgery for hemorrhoids is the Ferguson Technique. This technique for hemorrhoid removal was created by Dr. Ferguson in 1952. The technique is a play on the Milligan-Morgan Technique; the only difference is that the incisions are either partially or totally closed with absorbable stitches. This technique is usually called the “gold standard” by which all other techniques have been created or are compared to. This has long been the surgery of choice for permanent relief from hemorrhoids.

Today many doctors are electing to use lasers to remove hemorrhoids. When lasers are used the laser light will literally vaporize the hemorrhoid. The great thing about this sort of surgery is that healing is quite rapid and there is not much or any pain during the procedure or afterward. Patient’s who have had this surgery have had a satisfaction rate of 99%, and that is why many doctors are choosing to go with this method.

When using either the Milligan-Morgan Technique or the Ferguson Technique most patients have to stay in the hospital for up to three days. This is due to the pain and swelling that occurs after the surgery. Most patients who elect to undergo the laser surgery for hemorrhoids are usually able to have the procedure done on an outpatient basis and do not spend much time in the hospital at all! The benefits of this surgery for hemorrhoids are obvious, especially with increased medical costs associated with hospital stays.

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