Treating Painful Hemorrhoids

If you ask 100 people if they have had the most painful hemorrhoids they will all be able to convince you that the pain that they felt was second to none. Hemorrhoids are very painful and each person has a different pain threshold. This being said, even people with a high tolerance for pain will find themselves looking for treatment options. While most people do have painful hemorrhoids, they are things that you can do to treat the hemorrhoids as well as prevent them in the future.

Painful Hemorrhoids: Taking Away the Discomfort

Unfortunately you cannot make the pain of hemorrhoids go away over night, but there are things that you can do to get relief right now. You can start by using over the counter creams. These creams will help to take the inflammation out of the hemorrhoid and the surrounding areas as well as to reduce the itching and irritation that often accompanies hemorrhoids. These creams really can be a life saver when you feel as though you cannot take the pain any longer.

You should also take an over the counter anti-inflammatory medication such as Advil. This will help to treat the pain from the inside out. Keep on top of the pain, taking the Advil as often as is advisable. When you do this you will find that it takes the edge off the pain and you are able to go about your daily life again, especially if you pair this with the creams available.

Take baths at least two to three times a day for 15 minutes. This will also help to reduce inflammation. Also, cleanse the area with a mild soap and water after every bowel movement. This will help to clean the area as well as deal with the painful hemorrhoids.

Preventing Painful Hemorrhoids

It’s important to use a stool when you are having a bowel movement. Simply place a six inch high stool in front of the toilet and place your feet on it. Also, lean forward slightly and you’ll find that it puts a lot less pressure on the area, making you less likely to suffer from painful hemorrhoids in the future.

Also, eat a balanced diet. When you get plenty of water and you also get plenty of fiber you’re less likely to have intestinal upset, which can often lead to hemorrhoids. Also, try to cut out items like nuts, alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods if you are having a hard time with reoccurring hemorrhoids.

Make sure that you keep moving. It’s important to exercise at least three times a week. Those who keep moving are less likely to develop hemorrhoids. This will also help you from gaining extra weight, which is another common cause of painful hemorrhoids!

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