Using a Hemorrhoids Cushion

If you ask anyone who has ever experienced them, they will tell you that hemorrhoids are one of the most painful experiences of their life. The pain, swelling, and itching are all too much to bear for most people. A great way to get some relief from your hemorrhoids is with a hemorrhoids cushion. A hemorrhoids cushion will generally not cure your hemorrhoids, but it will aid you in the process of getting them to go away!

More about the Hemorrhoids Cushion

Most people will find some relief from a hemorrhoids cushion. A hemorrhoids cushion is actually a small inflatable ring, which is similar in appearance to the tubes that children wear at the beach or in a pool. When you sit on the ring it helps to relieve any contact pressure that is placed on the hemorrhoid when you sit.

Many people get hemorrhoids because they sit a lot, often because they have a desk job or if they have been on a long plane trip. You never know what is going to set them off, but one thing is for sure, when you have hemorrhoids one of the most painful things you can do is sit! Well, we all have to sit sometime, and this is when a hemorrhoids cushion will come in very handy!

A hemorrhoids cushion is small and discreet enough that you could bring it to work with you to place in your chair, use it in the car, and of course use it at home. If you are using other methods to help treat the hemorrhoids you’ll find that you only need the cushion for a couple days and then you’ll be able to sit comfortably again. Some treatment options that you may want to use in conjunction with the hemorrhoids cushion include:

  • Apply hemorrhoid cream to external hemorrhoids or suppositories to internal hemorrhoids
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water per day
  • Keep the area around your anus as clean as possible. Take baths and clean the area with gentle soap and water
  • Use a sitz bath. Soaking the area in warm water for 15 minutes will provide relief and reduce swelling
  • Apply ice packs to the anus
  • Get plenty of fiber to avoid or treat constipation

When you make a concerted effort to treat hemorrhoids you will usually find that they can be relieved at home with the use of these simple techniques and a hemorrhoids cushion. It isn’t a glamorous treatment process, but within a few days you should begin to see and feel a huge difference. If you do not experience any relief after 10 consecutive days of treatment you may want to seek the advice and treatment of a health care professional.

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