What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are one of those social taboos. We know that a lot of people get them, but no one ever talks about it. In fact, as much as 89% of the population will suffer from hemorrhoids at some point in their lives! As a result of the topic not being discusses, many of us don’t even know what hemorrhoids are. Of course, many of us get a crash course on what hemorrhoids are when we develop the condition! Luckily, hemorrhoids are treatable so our crash course doesn’t need to be life altering, but often it is eye opening!

What Are Hemorrhoids: The Answer

Hemorrhoids are basically swollen sacs of tissues and varicose veins that are located in the anus and the rectum. We all have sacs of tissue in the anus and rectum that help to move fecal matter out of our bodies. Hemorrhoids are sacs that have become inflamed and swollen, usually cause of pressure or straining on this area of the body. Hemorrhoids are very treatable, and in most cases can be treated in the comfort of your own home.

Hemorrhoids are often caused by straining during defecation. When you strain you can inflame the veins and hemorrhoids are the result. Another common cause of hemorrhoids is prolonged periods of sitting, constipation, and a poor diet. Doctor’s are not sure why some otherwise healthy people develop hemorrhoids and others do not. In most cases hemorrhoids do not pose a serious problem for the patient, but in same cases they will require surgical removal.

While many people will get hemorrhoids and be given a crash course in them, it’s important for all people to know the symptoms. Hemorrhoids usually cause bleeding during bowel movement, pain and itching in the anal and rectal areas, and pain during a bowel movement and upon sitting. Hemorrhoids can occur internally and externally, so the symptoms and location of the symptoms are different in each patient.

There are some easy ways to prevent hemorrhoids from occurring. You can be sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet, drink eight glasses of water a day, and to avoid sitting for long periods of time. It is also a good idea to place a stool in front of the toilet to put your feet on, as this will help you to avoid from straining. It’s also important to exercise regularly as this will help to keep your bowels regular, which is important when you are trying to prevent hemorrhoids.

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