What Causes Hemorrhoids?

Many people have to stop and ask, “What causes hemorrhoids?” when they suddenly are afflicted with this condition. In fact, millions of people are asking this question every year because as much as 89% of the population will be affected by hemorrhoids sometime during their life! This means that at any given time there are millions of people dealing with hemorrhoids.

What Causes Hemorrhoids: The Answer

The most common cause of hemorrhoids is related to not defecating in the right position. While this may seem odd, it’s not as odd as you may think when you take your anatomy into consideration. To avoid getting hemorrhoids you need to place a six inch stool in front of the toilet and place your feet on it. This keeps you from straining during the process of defecating, which will reduce the chance of developing hemorrhoids.

Constipation is another very common cause of hemorrhoids in people of all ages. When you are constipated you have to strain and you can cause damage to the rectum by placing too much pressure on the vessels inside. Avoid becoming dehydrated and be sure to get plenty of fiber as these are two things that can help you avoid constipation and the hemorrhoids that often come along with it. Using a stool when you are constipated is a must!

Avoid lifting heavy objects whenever possible. Any time you strain you are putting pressure on the delicate vessels in the anal region. When you do lift, be sure that you are not straining and that you know proper lifting techniques so you can avoid getting hemorrhoids. If your job requires heavy lifting be sure that you wear a back brace and have help.

Many people wipe too hard or too much after they have had a bowel movement and this is a common cause of hemorrhoids. If you eat properly and drink well you will find that you can defecate without having to wipe much at all. If you find that you do need to wipe more than usual, use a damp cloth that will absorb more than the toilet paper and also be easier on the sensitive tissues.

Avoid sitting for long periods of time as this is a very common cause of hemorrhoids. The reason is that there is constant pressure on the tissues. If you have a job that has you sitting most of the time, be sure to exercise at least three times a week. Even if you are on a long trip get up every couple hours and move around a bit, this will help you avoid getting hemorrhoids. Knowing what causes hemorrhoids can help you avoid all of the scenarios, such as sitting for long periods, which are hemorrhoid culprits!

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