What is a Hemorrhoid Fissure?

If you visit any drug store you may notice people walking in and out that are trying to look discreet. These are likely people who are suffering from hemorrhoids but don’t want anyone to know. Hemorrhoids are one of the most commonly experienced conditions of the rectum and anus, yet no one talks about it. The taboo nature of this topic only gets more hushed when you bring up the topic of hemorrhoid fissure.

More about the Hemorrhoid Fissure

Most people who get hemorrhoids will not get a hemorrhoid fissure as this is somewhat of a complication of hemorrhoids. An anal fissure is simply a tear in the anal tissue that causes a linear ulcer located at the margin of the anus. Anal fissures usually cause intense itching, bleeding, and pain. Unfortunately, hemorrhoid fissures can extend further up into the lower rectal mucosa or even extend downward, which will cause a swollen skin tag at the anal verge, which is also known at the sentinel pile.

Wondering what causes a hemorrhoid fissure? Most people who develop this condition do so because of extreme diarrhea or constipation or a combination of the two. People who suffer from nervousness or prolonged tension will also be more susceptible to developing a hemorrhoid fissure. The problem with the hemorrhoid fissure is that it often is irritated over and over again. Just about the time that it is healing the infected individual will eat something that does not digest completely such as nuts, which will again tear it open.

The problem with a hemorrhoid fissure is that with each bowel movement you have the ability to tear it open. When it is open it can cause immense pain during and after defecation that lasts for hours at a time. Many people assume that when they have pain of this magnitude that there has to be something huge that is causing the pain, but a fissure is very small and is capable of producing large and intolerable amounts of pain.

Most hemorrhoid fissure cases heal on their own and no medical intervention is needed. In some cases medical intervention is needed in the way of medications, antibiotics, and even surgery. Applying witch hazel to the anal region as well as taking sitz baths can help to avoid needing medical intervention. If you continually have pain with what you suspect is a hemorrhoid fissure you should get it checked out by a doctor as you can do a lot of damage to the tissues if you allow it to progress.

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