What to Expect After Hemorrhoid Surgery

If you have problematic hemorrhoids you may not be able to treat them at home in a satisfactory manner. Instead, you may have to head to the doctor who will suggest removing the hemorrhoids surgically. This is a very effective way to remove the hemorrhoids as you can remove it and know that they will not come back. While this is a great benefit of the surgery, you may be wondering what you can expect after hemorrhoid surgery.

What You Can Expect After Hemorrhoid Surgery

You may be wondering what the post-operative pain will be like. This is a worry of many people and you will find that the answer really depends on the type of hemorrhoid surgery that your doctor performs. If your doctor elects to perform laser removal of the hemorrhoids you will have little to no pain afterward, in fact you will be able to go back to work the same day, if you would like.

If you have a banding surgery you may have some discomfort during your surgery as well as after. Luckily, any discomfort will only last for a few days as banding is quite quick and easy, with most of the hemorrhoids falling off within a week or so. If your doctor elects to use a surgical method that requires incisions you may have a bit more post-operative pain. In fact, you may require a hospital stay of up to three to five days depending on how quickly you are able to get the pain under control.

After hemorrhoid surgery you may need a little time to bounce back and get into the daily grind. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics and you may need to have a very neutral diet for a few days until your bowels start working properly again. This can take some time, though the newer surgery options have less downtime and you will be back up and running before you know it.

One benefit after hemorrhoid surgery is you are less likely to have more problems in the future. If you do have problems, you will know the symptoms before they get out of hand and you’ll have a better chance of getting on top of the problem before it gets out of hand. Hemorrhoid surgery is not glamorous, but it really will allow you to return to your life before hemorrhoids in less time than you might think!

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